5cc pr 20 squirts

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stian buksa
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5cc pr 20 squirts

Post by stian buksa »

How do you accuratly measure the accelerator pump ?

I tried to use a small cup on the engine side of the carb to catch the petrol while i yanked the cable, but couldn't help to miss a little. The piston was hit by a drop or two, giving a wrong result
Then I took the cable and piston off, and activated the pump with my finger. This time it was easy to catch all the petrol, but I don't know if the amount will be the same as when the pump is activated by the arm.

Any tips ?

Also my carbs are missing the pump diaphragm gasket. The diaphragms look soft and in good shape.
Do I need to fit the gaskets ?

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Post by notanumber »

There's a nice technique described in the March 2011 edition of Classic Bike, which measures the volume of fuel drawn into the carb.
Not tried it personally but it looks good ...

Ray O'Donohue
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Post by Ray O'Donohue »

5cc per 20 squirts:You take the carb off and squirt it into a receptacle 20 times,then measure. It ain't rocket science.

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Post by aircooled1 »

The method described in Classic Bike March 2011 works really well.
You just measure droppage in a fuel line with a ruler rather than try to gather the gas that squirts out! Totally cool.

If you want email me and I'll send you a PDF of the article.
Also I took pictures of doing this on my 900SS a couple months ago.
maybe I'll post them.

[email protected]

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