Changing 40 mm Carbs to 36 mm

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Changing 40 mm Carbs to 36 mm

Post by abmartin »

What is involved in changing the 40 mm Dellortos on my SS to 36 mm Dellortos? Do the intake manifolds need changing and if so, to what? Are there adaptors that can fit over the standard manifolds and mate to the smaller carbs?

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Post by MartinMille BANNED »

Bruce , I changed from 36's to 40's its a straight swap and minor tuning

Cheers Marty

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Post by BevHevSteve »

Bruce assuming you have clamp mounted PHM40 carbies, you can pick up the rubber mount PHF36 carbies and the sleeves will slip over your same aluminum manifolds. I would use some safety wire between carbie and head just to make sure they don;t slip off as the number of grooves are different between PHF and PHM sleeves ... Your bike will LOVE the smaller carbies for the majority or your riding.
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