idle mixture

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idle mixture

Post by ducducguz »

i just got my carbs synced. but the plugs keep fouling and are quite sooty and black after about 20 miles.

i suppose it is running too rich. and should bring in the screws a couple of turns.

am i assuming correctly?

thanks for the input

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Post by wdietz186 »

Your assumption is sort of correct. Is one assuming the float levels are correct? One must also make an assumption the battery has sufficent voltage. Another is whether the plugs are the correct heat range and the ign. coils are up to the task.But yes, turning the mixture screws in will lean the mixture. Do this in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments as the adjustment is quite sensitive.And make sure the engine is fully warm.

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Post by nottonight68 »

sounds like you had more than a sync-if a shop did it-take it back
read steves instructions on this site-you should be ok

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Post by ozihotrod »

8) guys let's not forget the idle mixture screw is only for the idle mixture. if you have a rich mixture while riding , you will need to look into , air filter blockage, over fuel supply, slide cut away angle , needle setting and main jet size.
The sync of the carbs wont cause an over rich problem in the carbs.
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