fuel leaking out

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darren nix
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fuel leaking out

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i have fuel leaking out of my 32 carb, when you take the bellmouth off and look down the body of the carb , at the base of the body is some holes from which the fuel is leaking out , just above the the float bowl, i have gently given the float bowl a few taps with a rubber mallet to see if it will free up the float in case it,s jamed, but no luck, is there anything to specifically look for when i take the float bowl off, thanks in advance

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Darrin, when you remove the float bowl, then float, the float needle will also come out. Look at the point..... Does it have a groove going around where it seats ? Probably does, so replace it.

Have a look at yoiur fuel taps too. Disconnect the fuel hoses, turn taps off shake all gas from hoses. Put a paper towl under each hose... Now come back and take another look, do you see fuel residue or any wetness? Your taps might be leaking. Repair or replace.
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