MHR Mille- fuel petcock needed!

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MHR Mille- fuel petcock needed!

Post by Sandman »

Bike is a 1985 MHR1000 Mille with a suddenly leaking left fuel petcock. The right side fuel tank outlet is a crossover with no lever or tap. This is an unusual petcock in that it has two outlets (180 degrees to eachother), not one. I only find modern Paoli replacements with the single outlets.
The original petcock seems staked together, and apparantly can't be disassembled for internal rubber ring/port replacement. Am I wrong on this, or do I definitely need a complete new petcock? Seems so...

What do MHR people use now? I checked Pingel, but don't see any clear product solutions there.


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use one of the paioli taps I stock with a T connector on each that you can turn into the crossover.
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