AMAL 930 Carbs Getting Out of Tune

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AMAL 930 Carbs Getting Out of Tune

Post by thessler3 » Tue May 30, 2017 5:40 am

My 1973 750GT had Mikuni carbs on it for many years. I decided to reinstall the original AMAL carbs a couple of years ago to make the bike as original as possible. At that time, I updated the carbs with new needles, jets, filters and float valves. The bike would run quite well for a day or two, then get out of tune. I found that the idle air adjustment screws were backing out by themselves and possibly also sucking some air around them. New O-rings don't seem to help. So, I now adjust the screws for a smooth idle and put some clear RTV silicone around the outside periphery to keep the screws from turning. Also keeps any air from bleeding through. Simple and works good. Easy to remove for next tune-up.

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