MotoGiro Australia 2010

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MotoGiro Australia 2010

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Hi all in bevel land

Due to the outstanding sucess of the 09 Inaugural Australian Motogiro held on the Sunshine Coast QLD. We are proud to announce this years 2010 event. This event will be held on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) Hinterland region again. This event is a cross country touring road rally, open to Italian Motorcycles. This is a untimed road rally, in the spirit of the original Moto Giro (Italy), with the purpose of encouraging the use and display of classic italian motocycles. Starting Friday afternoon 6th August allowing riders to get acquainted, Rally starting Saturday morning August 7th commening our ride, the ride is designed around the Lakeside race calendar, which will include laps around the lakeside race way, finishing up on Sunday afternoon. As we are still in the planinng mode we thought we would post this so you can plan your year as well.

This event is for Italian motorcycles categories.

Vintage pre 1958 Max Capacity 175cc

Classic pre 1968 Max Capacity 250cc

Modern pre 1978 Max capacity 500cc

If you want of see any pictures of 2009 Moto Giro,

For further information, please contact

Trevor Fryer 0412121072

Email [email protected]

Peter Morrow 0413941550
Steve Allen (925)798-BEVL[2385] Ride'm, Don't Hide'm
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