Restoring my 1982 Darmah

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Restoring my 1982 Darmah

Post by gmf1 » Mon Jun 28, 2004 9:07 am

About 16 months ago I left the restraunt in a hurry and left my sidestand down. First left hand turn put me on the ground at 50 mph. I went right over the handle bars and remember looking back at the bike sliding down the road. A shook up motorist stopped to help. I asked him to help me put the bike upright. When I saw it was rideable I hopped on and left. He was shouting after me to stop but in Colorado the police issue a ticket after an incident even if there is no property damage. My knees still have red marks & my ribs hurt but I came through OK depite a couple of endos. Darmah sidestands are way too strong - it looked barely damaged after all that.

Despite the fact that the only damage was the handlebars - the left pipe - the headlight - and the shift lever I decided it was time to upgrade. I had been wanting to do this since I bought the bike in 1998.

Everything is new except the bottom end. the brakes at the wheel, and the clutch. New valves, porting, pistons, bigger carbs, new pipes, new seat, new bars, powder coated frame wheels & bits, air brushed tank, new suspension, new headlight, new bearings, and rebuilt idiot lights (including side stand warning light!!!).

I was not having any problems and the old pistons were in fact looking new but at 55 years old I figured rebuild now or never. I have 4 other bikes but this one has always made me feel especially good.

The only problems were fabricating an intake for the left carb that kept the airfilter inside the side cover and fabricating cables that made the 40mm dellortos work with the single pull throttle setup. Also had to fab some pieces to make the seat work.

I have parts from all over the world thanks to the internet. A lot of bits came from bevelheaven. I also had the help of someone with a broken Darmah. My enthusiasm exceeds my abilities so help was needed - and being able to look at his disassembled bike helped a lot as well. The valves, porting, and pistons were done at a friends race shop.

I went for 10 to 1 compression and bigger carbs but had no real goal for a power upgrade. The old setup was OK and I did not want to change the character of the bike too much.

The bike is running great.

This shot shows the finished product

Here is the frame and swingarm

This shows a closeup of the tank with airbrushed tiger.
I asked the artist to do the Jaguar emblem but make it tigers instead.
He did a great job

The powder coater was able to spell out darmah on the forks in powder coat.
I thought that was cool.

Richard Maund rebuilt the seat and did a great job.
Thinner at the front wider at the rear and put in a bump stop.
He did a Guzzi seat for me too. Excellent quality.

Can't be a Darmah without Contis

Here are the controls

Closeup of engine & tank here

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