1964 250 ?what am I?

Post pictures of your single cylinder Ducati along with a description here.
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1964 250 ?what am I?

Post by Evil » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:26 am

So I was told this was a Diana. Which now, it doesn't appear to be.

I have been told that it MAY be an early "prototype" or "test" Mach 1 that was released to see how sales would go before going into full production.

I would just like to have the matter settled. I am going to purchase a book (from this site) that is supposed to have detailed info on these bikes, but because I am poor as dirt, I will have to wait until pay day to get it.

Here is some info on the Duc:
Vin: (Left hand case) DM 250
(Right hand) 88005

I don't know if it is 4 or 5 speed as the clutch and some gears are currently out so I can re-wire the stator/alternator.

No tachometer.
intake port measures 29.6 mm.
carb is Del lorto SSI 29D.
there are 2 wires coming from the stator.
it runs with a battery.
there are bolts tabs for... but doesn't have side covers.
The tank has a cut away area for the carb.

What do you guys think.... the above info (I have been told) all points to an early Mach 1. I know very very little about early Ducs so I have no opinion. I have seen that Mach 1's have rear set pegs (this one doesn't), but that early Mark 3's didn't either. So.... either this thing is indeed rare or not a Mach 1 at all.

Well I can't seem to upload these photo's.

How are you supposed to upload? I read the directions and did what it said..... hmmmm

highlight url..... click IMG button... ???

Here is a direct link:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] ... otostream/

I guess I am a dolt

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Post by BevHevSteve » Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:47 pm


not too difficult as long as you post a PHOTO not a GALLERY.........
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Post by Bara » Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:04 pm

I reckon it is a 1966 Ducati 250 MK 3. I have one myself, almost exactly the same. Very similar to Mach 1, but with a few small differences, seat, triple clamp and engine internals(cam?). I believe your bike might be missing its MK 3 side covers, although I think some MK 3`s did come without the side covers. Cheers

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Post by chimera » Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:34 pm

The chassis appears to be 250 Monza/250 GT or 350 Sebring: horn mount on backbone above engine mounts, regulator mounts, toolbox/airfilter mounts are typical of these models but the boxes are obviously missing. These are not Mk3 toolbox mounts, nor is the rearset hardware present. Also has a Monza/Sebring front fender and shrouded shocks. Hubs appear to be the later Grimeca 3-fin with faux airscoop on the speedo drive plate and the sprocket drive plate is the later ribbed type. Should be a year number stamped on the backing plate tab on the left fork slider that would give an idea of the chassis year, presuming the original stayed intact. The rear fender and taillight look like Benelli/Wards. No N/C chassis were originally painted silver so this was probably repainted. The tank appears to be later (’66) Mk3, 4 gal. with dent for clearing carb, obviously repainted. Seat looks like ~’64-’65 Diana. The clipons are late Mk3 with recessed pivot screws and shortened H/L mounts to accommodate the clipons. The headlight looks like Mk3 as well though not sure about some of those holes in the shell, but not Monza with extra indicator lights. Handlebar top clamp also indicates Monza chassis that has been converted to clipons. The 88xxx engine number indicates a ’64-’65 5 speed Diana that had an SS129 added or a Mk3 head installed. Is that aluminum fitting by the bevel tower flange tapped into the case? Looks like a fitting for a head oil drain. Sharp looking bitsa with some very desireable original pieces. Hope you have it running by now.

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Post by Evil » Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:05 pm

Yes she is running..... runing like a champ! It has been near 20 years since this bike has been started and I got it running within an hour of an italian bike show in my town.

What a fast fast bike! I have owned it for a decade and have never ridden it...... what a rush. It also measured 113db at the loudest bike competiton (the winner was 124db ouch).

So Chimera you really know your Duc stuff... what is a "bitsa"? A bike made of bits-a this and bits-a that? That is what you make this one seem to be.

(here are some answers to q's you brought up)
The frame was originally black.
Haven't found the stamped year indicator on the fork yet.

I really have to thank you for the info I have been trying to come up with what this bike really is for a while now and I guess it's just .......cool.

I am thinking I might sell it though, so I can pay for another project. We'll see.

Here is a pic minutes after the first run to the bike show. I was in such a hurry I grabbed my helmet but forgot to put a license plate on. Oops.
[img][img]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4126/503 ... a8a2b6.jpg[/img]
italian moto fest '10 by evilcotgrevil, on Flickr[/img]

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Post by mizike77 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:56 am

I recognise the GTS in the back ground as being another forum members bike. Blue headlight bucket, black wheels and bar end indicators......

Here it is http://www.bevelheaven.com/~BB/phpBB2/v ... php?t=2916
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Post by chimera » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:11 am

Yep, bitsa this 'n bitsa that. Ya know though, as it sits, it's a much more valuable bike than a stock original Monza. Really has some nice "bits" and looks great. It is way cool. Must be a blast to ride.

In your area, you have a true expert in Ducati singles, one Roy Kidney, moved to Virginia a year or so ago. Perhaps you can track him down, he attends Ducati events in the area. Roy could tell you exactly what you've got, he's seen it all and is very knowledgeable.

One question I'm still curious about: the fitting screwed into the right center case by the bevel tower. Looks like you have someting going into it in the pic but can't really tell. What's it for?


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Post by Evil » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:44 pm

Yeah that thing bugs me too. It has a hose attached to it which is bent over. If I remove it the bike sputers and dies.
I haven't checked to see if it's threaded in or not (sorry) But I have seen it in a few other Duc pics. But all th pics are too blurry to see what is going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic without the tubing:

[img][img]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4136/486 ... ec5e70.jpg[/img]
64 Ducati 250 by evilcotgrevil, on Flickr[/img]

Looks like somebody put pliers on it...

Took her out today for a five min. ride after dealing with some clutch issues.
Friggin awesome ride!
It's kind of wierd riding a (brand new) antique bike. New (rebuilt) motor.... New paint... new wires...

I am not worthy of such a thing..... but I like it.

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Post by chimera » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:32 pm

That fitting looks like it would be for a head oil drain. A common race mod was to remove the oil pipe that drains oil from the front and rear valve chambers into the bevel tower. Tubes were added that drained the oil directly into the engine cases. Typically a threaded fitting (such as the one on your bike) was tapped into the main cases for this purpose. I can't imagine why the motor wouldn't run if this fitting was left open. It would just be another crankcase vent like the one on the left center case behind the alternator wires. Maybe something else is going on in there. You could blow compressed air into the fitting and see if it blows out the main vent.

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Post by machten » Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:58 am


I'm not very knowledgeable about singles, but I wonder if isn't the singles equivalent of what we did with twins back in the late seventies. We tapped the crankcase in about the same spot and running oil through an oil cooler between there and the camshaft oil ways like so...apologies for the poor photos.




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