Final pics of 350 project

Post pictures of your single cylinder Ducati along with a description here.
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Final pics of 350 project

Post by desmophil »

At last the '69 350 Mark 3D restoration is finished. Only took 2 years !!

It starts easily (after backing off the timing a bit - ouch) and rides really well.

For images click on, or cut and paste into your search engine, the following link.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

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Post by GT Pete »

Wow. That looks great!
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Post by Lumpy »

That is one sensational bit of work desmophil. You made me hanker even more to own a single. Top job. There is a lovely 450 on Aussie ebay at present but $18,000 opening bid. Yowch!!! He`ll probably get too, they pull top dollar these days.

I got a little confused to begin with as the post before yours by smokem is a 350 mid build then your 350 final pic`s had me thinking "wow this guy don`t mess around". Your underslung pipe and drum brakes gave you away, not to mention different names.
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Post by DesmoDog »

Why so shy? Post the piccies here too!


Nice bike...
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Post by desmophil »

Thanks for the comments. The idea was to keep it as stock as posible (as sold in Australia) which is why I stuck to the steel rims etc.

According to the importers and my fading memory, only 27 examples of this model were originally sold in this country. I think lots more may have been privately imported over the years.

If anyone knows where to source that seat trim I would be most grateful to find out.

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Post by Macdesmo »

The seat trim is very difficult to get. I bought a complete seat in poor condition to get the trim. I haven't seen too many come up recently. Your best chance is to get on to an American BMW dealer and try to get R75 alloy seat trim eg
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Post by machten »

Have you tried Eldorado in South Australia? They did my 750 GT seat including new alloy trim. I've seen a lot of their work and it is top shelf.
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Post by Nick »

Stunning! You've given us all something to aim for.
From probably the only person in the world who rides a Ducati 350 Sebring for daily transportation.
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Post by Jon »

Very nice, well done.
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Post by joe1028 »

that ducati is great model......good job,looks very [email protected]
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