350 Sebring

Post pictures of your single cylinder Ducati along with a description here.
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350 Sebring

Post by pjti »

Just had to show the world. Some might think its the ugliest Ducati ever and I must admit that I felt the same, but then I rode it. Hell, its a ducati after all, need I say more .
First registered in 1971 in the Isle of Man, I think its a 66 or 67 model. I believe it was one of the 3500 brought into UK from USA by Bill Hannah in Liverpool. It came back UK a few (10 ??) years ago and was "cleaned up", it has a 30mm Amal Concentric but is otherwise original even down to the tyres. Actually to complicate things I have just brought it to Ireland. Its done more miles in transit than actually ridden. The mileage is 3,400 miles, and still has the tyre pump, I rode, I loved it.

Must explain this is a lifes dream to have a 350 single, I am not disappointed. :-D

1977 Sd900
1976 BMW R90s
1967 350 Sebring
Image :-D :-D :-D
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Post by Jordan »

Well, its styling is dated, but still quite lovely in its way.
Interesting that the 250 version ("Monza") was selling in Sydney Australia for less than the cost of a Honda CB250, when they were both new.
Would you swap for the Honda now?
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Post by Nick »

Very, very nice. You found a great example. I've been using a Sebring for daily transportation on and off for the past 15 years and will say without embarrasment that it is one of my favorite all time motorcycles. The addition of a 28mm Mikuni and a 2" longer intake tract made a huge difference in performance. I also uprated to 12V (A Triumph Lucas coil fits the standard Duc coil bracket.)
Mine has 18,000 miles, lower end has never been apart, clutch is original and she is a joy to ride. Alas, if only mine looked as sweet as yours. On mine, every chromed surface is comprehensively rusted, but I keep the oil clean and she runs like a champ.
Do take care of all that pretty chrome, it's not very thick!
From probably the only person in the world who rides a Ducati 350 Sebring for daily transportation.
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Post by DuckDuckGoose »

i love your bike. a true beaut!!!!!
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