90 Sport (I know, it's not Pre-85)16" to 17" rim c

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90 Sport (I know, it's not Pre-85)16" to 17" rim c

Post by manitoufs » Sat Apr 10, 2004 7:24 am

I have been trying to adapt a pair of 17" CBR rims to my 90 sport. Michelin has not made any tires made for it recently and does not plan on manufacturing any until the end of April. (2 months ago they said the end of March.)

Contacts on the Big Ducati List suggested that CBR600 F2 rims are a pretty good swap.

The rim project is not going well. The offsets and disk carrier diameter for the rear are way off. I have scoured my local bike boneyards and I can't find a disk that is even close to what I need for the rear. I think the rim I got off ebay (advertised as a CBR600 F2) is not correct. It is supposed to have a 17mm axle diameter but has a 20mm.

I may have to park the 90 until Michelin gets off their donkey and makes some tires.

Does anyone have source for disks that are listed by size, not make and model?
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new wheels for 750 Sport

Post by Laurie TwoValve » Wed Jun 02, 2004 2:58 am

Here in the uk there seem to be two ways to go:-
1. Using available second hand ducati parts 17" 907ie rear wheel disc and sprocket carrier, 907ie caliper 900ss caliper carrier, 39 tooth sprocket.
Front wheel 17" 750/900ss, goldline calipers upwards, Honda Fireblade dics and carriers (Or Yam FZR 1000) 750/900 speedo drive, Alloy for caliper carriers (have to be made up)
If these bits are like hen's teeth where you are:-
2. Yamaha '94 YZF 600 17" wheels
Trim 0.5mm off both sides of the centre of the (front) hub. Use 6203NSE bearings if using Ducati axle (I have the dimensions of the spacer that would have to be made up-it's difficult to reproduce drawings here)
If you need to retain the Ducat front discs you will need to make up 2 spacers (again I have the dimensions)
To change the rear wheel you will need the disc, cush drive, rubbers bearingsX3 and the inner bearing spacer.
Mill 12mm off the disc mounting face then run a M8 tap throught the holes
also machine off where the seal used to go (around 8mm). You will need to countersink the bolt holes in the dics and use M8 countersunk bolts. For the other side, you can spin in a lath because its only the cush drive that needs to be trimmed. Remove the studs and trim 5mm off the face and keep facind the the web untill its the same diameter as the inside diameter of the Ducati cog. Also trim the seal off the centre (8mm) here. You will need to drill 3 holes in the Ducati cog to match the holes in the cush drive. You will need to make a new bracket for the brake calliper out of 10mm aluminium plate, and then space it away from the rim with a 5mm spacer (30mm OD and 20mmID) You will need to space the caliper with washers to centralise it on the disc.
If in doubt, get an engineer to check. If you need the drawings for the spacers repost the request here. Regards Laurie

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