12mm REC Brembo Master Cylinder Mod

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Bev Bowen
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12mm REC Brembo Master Cylinder Mod

Post by Bev Bowen » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:42 pm

Whoop! My GT now has a front brake that works. I have worked with many bikes and just knew I could defy the odds and get that old original Brembo MC to work with the single disc. Nope. It was like wood no matter what I did.

Then, I finally caved in and called Steve to help me with the dual disc thing. Instead, he talked me into his setup for the single disc, with a 12 mm REC Brembo Master Cylinder, a braided line, green Galfer pads and that Motul fluid he likes.

Again, whoop! It is a TERRIFIC setup! Real grab, smooth, and assertive. It looks the part, too, as the master cylinder is so much less of an "item" on the handlebar and it actually looks so much better. Of course, you will not win the concours award with one. How many of us care about that, anyway? You lose the big ugly switch and can now read your gauge the full 360 degrees.

You will just be happier about your ride and your sphincter meter can finally be tossed. :)


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