Mach 1 Tires?

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Mach 1 Tires?

Post by Octane » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:39 am

Hi All,

So my rear tire on the Mach 1 was completely shagged after putting 2000kms on it on the MotoGiro (plus 80kms of gravel roads and a showering of battery acid after my battery exploded) so I've had to get a temporary rear tire (a front Battlax was the only thing they had in a size that would fit)
This was before the battery incident:
So I'm looking around for a decent set of modern tires to use on the road. (I'll get some of those repro Pirelli's for show's etc)

I can get a 90/90/18 or a 2.75-18 on the rear, but the front will only accommodate a 80/90-18 or 2.50-18.

I don't do many miles on the bike, and only ever ride in the dry so I'm not too concerned about the durability. I'd like something that will allow me to keep up with the bigger bikes though.

I'm really struggling to find a small enough front tire :|

Any thoughts on running a set of these Avon Roadrunner's on the street? ... -universal

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