mismatched front calipers

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Keith G
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mismatched front calipers

Post by Keith G »

My '75 860 GT came with the left caliper a single bleed valve one which has "Brembo" in the casting, and 5/16 left on the pads. while the right appears to have been a 2 bleeder (one has been plugged) with a plain casting and 7/32 left on the pads. I've read in another posting that these calipers both take the same rebuild kit, so perhaps there is no harm, But....
I have Cerani forks, which I have read in another posting take threaded calipers, yet neither of these are threaded. I also noticed they were shimmed out from the fork with washers, which seems less than ideal.
I thought I'd rebuild my calipers since I'm replacing the master, but now I'm unsure how I should proceed.
Any thoughts?

Thanks, Keith

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Post by Den »

If I understand your post correctly you have Ceriani forks and the calipers have to be attached to the forks with long bolts and a nut. If this is the case then, technically, you have the wrong calipers. That doesn't mean that they can't be made to work. You mention that the calipers are "shimmed out from the fork with washers". You probably meant shimmed out with "shims". That's no problem. It is a consequence of using calipers with slightly different dimensions. What you want is for the caliper centerline to coincide with the center of the disc. Two bleeder or single bleeder? Makes no difference. One bleeder plugged? Probably makes no difference. That usually happens because the 6mm bleeder screw was twisted off. That's common. If you are very careful to not drill too deep, you can drill the plug out and then drill and re-tap for a 7mm bleeder screw (M7 x 1.0). Commonly available off the shelf at your local auto parts store. Good luck.

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