lights go on - all systems die -waz up?

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lights go on - all systems die -waz up?

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Hey all
i rewired my 750gt using the diagram on steves site using van Thelins schmatic(?) -everything comes on great BUT when i switch on headlights they come on but everthing else goes dead -turnsignals/taillight etc.. no blown fuses so think i must need a thicker guage wire somewhere as i'm sucking the current away- am i crzay
any suggestings
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lights go out

Post by wdietz186 »

The single most common electrical problem on old or rewired bikes is poor grounding. I suggest you check that the headlight is grounded to the frame. I ran all my ground wires to a common point on the frame and used star washers between the frame and the terminal. 14ga. wire should be sufficent for most of the circuits but you might want to wire the headlamp with 12ga. It makes the light a bit brighter (firefly instead of glowworm).

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