900S2, no spark, one cylinder

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900S2, no spark, one cylinder

Post by cooperplace »

bike has sat for a year, wouldn't start. Turned out to be no spark, front cylinder. I swapped the plugs over, still no spark, front cylinder. Swapped the coils, now no spark, rear cylinder. So I'm guessing it's the coil.
Does this sound right?
It has Bosch GT40 coils: do these fail often?

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Re: 900S2, no spark, one cylinder

Post by BevHevSteve »

you did the most straight forward thing to start your search for the cause of no spark. You move something and the problems migrates with it, then that is your problem.

just pick up a set of new DYNA 5 ohm coils and be done with it. You will not regret upgrading your tired old coils.

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Re: 900S2, no spark, one cylinder

Post by wdietz186 »

Yeah, What Steve said!

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