Veglia electronic tacho

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Veglia electronic tacho

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Hi from Western Astralia!

I bought a 73 GT750 some years ago with the intention of restoring it when I retired. Now retired and getting right into it. I have 3 bikes I'm restoring - the other 2 are not Ducatis so I won't mention them.

Mine is an early 73 Duc with a Veglia electronic tacho that doesn't work. I took it to a local instrument repair guy who said he could rebuild it as all it needs is a new great expense. I have searched around for a cheaper fix but haven't found much information other than these tachos were a piece of rubbish and were apparently swapped for mechanical ones by Ducati soon after release. I don't know how true that is. I wanted to keep the bike original and have an electronic tacho if possible. I thought about buying an electronic one and putting the works into the Veglia case.

If any one can offer some advice I'd appreciate it.



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