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F-1B ignition relay help

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 7:18 am
by hawgdriver
Anybody know where I can get a ignition control relay for my '87 F-1B. Basically, its the black box just before the coil. The part number on it is BB1105 5L made by kokusan denki co. ...the local dealer doesn't have the ability to look up parts for older ducs.

Posted: Sun May 07, 2006 5:57 pm
by Brian Lees
Actually with the Kokusan you should be able to use the new factory black boxes.... if youre rich.. however the Ducati Performacne boxes shouls work too.... for a 3rd of the price of the stock ones.

My Dilema came with my 87 F1B ( Bosch ) trying to find a Bosch igniter box and wouldnt you know it Steve came to my rescue... The part number shown for a Bosch equiped Darmah is the same Bosch number on my 87 F1B so Im thinking this will cure my intermitent ignition failure...
Thanx a bunch Steve....