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IMPORTANT - Early "Suzuki-Style" Switchgear

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:37 am
by Miti
Hi Folks;

Apologies if this topic has been posted previously (I couldn't find it) but I thought this worth posting ASAP:

Many older Ducatis (and other makes) will have this on the LH handlebar:


This one is on my Hesketh V1000 and I was sooo please with myself after re-furbishing it (and it's RH partner).

Not for long though...


When reassembling the switchgear, I thought it prudent to add a drop of Loctite thread-locker to the small csk screw holding the button to the switch lever..

I wrong could I be..?? :roll:

The Loctite reacted with the plastic buttons, causing the plastic to fracture all over... The Dip Switch button fell off the bike as my hand brushed against it - I collected the parts shown from the pathway... The ON/OFF switch was removed VERY carefully after that...

Being a total squirrel with NOS parts, I had the ON/OFF button "in stock" ;) but not the Dip Switch...

I know that these switches were fitted to almost every Suzuki model made in the 70's and, having previously sourced the ON/OFF Switch button from a discount Suzuki part dealer, I gave them a go for the Dip Switch button too...



So the new buttons are in place and NO Loctite anywhere to be seen this time...

Hope this helps

(BTW the switchgear has been satin powder coated and the legends re-painted with Humbrol enamel paint, for anyone considering the same task).