81 900 SS correct stator AC output?

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81 900 SS correct stator AC output?

Post by laverda1200 »

Hi all

first post. I did search, didn't find the answer.

81 900 SS, battery quit charging and went flat. Changed the stock original regulator/rectifier out for an Electrex RR51 I had spare from one of my Laverda triples. I did wire the white wire to the charge light circuit, but still no charge.

then I checked AC ouput from the stator. It puts out about 29 volts AC. Checked the manual, but it doesn't provided AC output specs. The stator is original. Bsed on other motorycle charging systems, I would have guessed the stator output might need to be quite a bit higher than 29 volts AC, say maybe 75 - 80 volts AC?

then I took the stator out and had it checked locally by an auto electrician who didn't find any shorts, and says it should be fine.

so, does anyone know what the AC output of a healthy 81 900 SS stator should be?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by welshmally »

Hi there,

Don't quote me on this, but I suspect you're right - should be around 70V I believe.

I tried to fit the RR51 to mine - absolutely no joy at all - anecdotal evidence suggests that it's not suitable for this model, but try telling the (UK) supplier that...........

Not sure where you are, but if you're UK based, West Country Windings come highly recommended, and quoted me £125 for a re-wind.

BTW I have a shop-soiled RR51 at a good price, if anyone's interested? (4 wire type)

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