Darmah and Pantah Bosch Ignition Pick Ups

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Darmah and Pantah Bosch Ignition Pick Ups

Post by Elliot »


Having just been to the classic bike racing on the weekend I have decided to pull finger and get the Darmah on the road.

There were a few guys running points set ups on there race bikes (S2's).

If you wanted to persist with the electronic ignition has anybody identified a suitable replacement for the bosch ignition pick up sensors? Is there something suitable from a Japanese bike for instance? These are the hall effect sensors that pick up from the rotor that cause so many problems.

Alternatively is there a replacement ignition system in its entireity for the bosch system?


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Post by Lumpy »

I know Silenthektic (sp?) do a replacemnet for the Electronica ignish and possibly for the Bosch set up also. DMC is another but they still run the old pick ups. I thought the Bosch set up was the reliable Ducati sparkers, it was the Electronica that was a bit hit and miss.
How did they fit points to an S2?? To be quite honest and at the risk of sounding like a dinosaur I was kinda fond of points. Sure they were`nt overly efficient, but easily maintained, fault finding and adjustment was a breeze and if maintained correctly pretty reliable.

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Post by wdietz186 »

The Kokusan? Pickups used on the later 900SS[belt] appear to use the same bolt spacing and would be easy to adapt if replacing the Bosch pickups.On the Darmah the pickup wiring is the problem not the pickup itself.Steve sells replacement wire that you solder onto the remains of the old pickup wires and run up to the ign. boxes and the other components are pretty reliable but the coils can be upgraded for a stronger spark output.The downside to the stock setup is the timing adjustment requires the factory tool to set properly and few people have the tool to do it.

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