2 juniors . New York area.

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2 juniors . New York area.

Post by phil71 »

I've got a project that I am running out of space (and time) for. I went and bought another duck and it's just 1 too many.
They're both Monza Juniors.

My plan was to make 1 bike from 2, but really, there are essentially 2 bikes if you're ambitous.
Here's the inventory.
Rolling stock & bodywork:
2 rolling frames, one a 1965 (rounded sheet metal) and one a 1966 (squared sheet metal).
Each has the corresponding seat.
1 headlamp, very good shape, older rounded style.
All 4 fenders are in great shape, no dents and tight rivets.
Lots of footpegs.
1 set of side covers, very straight, missing the toolkit (which was a joke in the 1st place)
1 poor 'peanut' tank. Can be restored, but it's rough.
Misc controls.
All brake assemblies.
I've got 3 engines. 1 is stuck, for reasons i've never investigated. 1 seems to have a frozen gearbox, but the crank turns freely and seems good and tight, clearance wise. All 3 have working alternators, which is kind of rare.
Then there's the main one I was working with. It's got:
New sleeve, new piston and rings
Lower end is clean and complete, shifts smoothly through all 4 gears.
2 gasket sets.

There's a lot of odds and ends as well that will come with it, but I don't feel like itemising the nuts, bolts and wire harnesses.
For those interested in being on the road as quickly as possible, I'll spell out what's missing, just to avoid confusion.

I have no carbs for these engines. I've seen mikuni's adapted where the dellorto should go, and that seems like the way to go, as it's cheaper and they run better.
I have no gearchange levers.
I have no voltage rectifier, but schematics for making your own using $17 in radio shack parts.
2 of 3 engines have been pillaged for the clutch baskets, but fortunately, they're available new and made from better stuff than original.
2 of 3 engines have been looted for the oval 'ducati' etched clutch adjustment cover. I can only speculate that people must have made belt buckles out of them, no other explanation makes sense. I've seen lots of spares on ebay that are missing them as well.... go figure.

I'd really love to get these little guys together, but like many of us antique mcy weirdos, i've just got one (or 3) too many things going on.
I've tried to be thorough, but i'm sure i'll get lots of questions anyway. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for pics.
I'd love to see these go to a good home soon!
$750 gets it all.
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Post by DesmoDog »

Right about now I'm happy New York isn't next to Michigan... I've grown somewhat fond of these little guys and having more is tempting! :lol:
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