1966 & 1967 Monza Jrs....

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1966 & 1967 Monza Jrs....

Post by phil71 »

I'm totally new to this forum, and Ducatis for that matter. I saw a 66 monza and kind of got the bug. Till now i've only gotten inside vintage hondas and Triumph/BSA.

So, i just purchased 2 mostly complete basket case monza Jrs.
I'm hoping to make 1 running bike out of the 2, but i've come up against a few obstacles.
1) the specialty tools for engine work are unbelievably expensive.... so much so that it almost seems worthwhile to send the engine out and just pay for the work.
2) all the narrowcase parts seem to start at 250cc, but i've got 160s, is it just unpopular? Do most 250 parts interchange (with the obvious exception of piston/crank/sleeve etc) ?

Anyhow, I'm really green, but learning fast.
I've got lots of parts that i wont be needing, including a straight rolling frame, a set of squared edge fenders (no dents or holes & firm rivets), a seat, handlebars, some controls, footpegs, brake lever, and a near complete 160 engine (not stuck) and much more.

I'd be interested to talk about trades and or hear what parts anyone has around for sale.

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Post by DesmoDog »

Hi Phil,

I'm working on a 160 also;


They're neat little bikes but somewhat unloved by the Ducati crowd. You'll find some fans here and there of course. They are actually based on the earlier 100cc and up bikes, so while similar to the 250, there aren't many parts that interchange without some mods.

As for tools - Yes, they can get expensive, but you might be able to make some of them depending on your skill level. Others aren't essential, they just make life easier.
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