For Sale - 1987 Laguna Seca - 1 of 50

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For Sale - 1987 Laguna Seca - 1 of 50

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I have owned this bike for three years and mostly shown it at different events. This motor is incredibly strong, with 40mm Dellorto's, Montjuich cams and racing exhaust it has the punch 750F1 motors wish for.

Homologated for racing it was delivered without turn signals. It has 1,164 Kilometers equaling 721 miles. The only issue that should be pointed out is a very thin scratch that is positioned above the headlight ... received during storage. A new and never mounted second front fairing will come with the bike. The original tires are still on the bike and if you plan to ride it, I would suggest new tires.

Located in New York / Asking price is $17,500

In Illustrated Buyer's Guide, Second Edition Mick Walker rates the Ducati Laguna Seca 5 stars, stating "If you find, or already own, an F1 my advice is to hang onto it. If you are doubly lucky to have been able to afford one of the "limited edition" models, then guard it with your life, for you have a real classic for the future. Any one of the Montjuich, Laguna Seca, or Santamonica models is worth five full stars, for they are both beautiful and rare." Notably, the only other Ducati to receive 5 stars from Walker since 1962 is the legendary 750SS.

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Is this still available?

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If you check the completed listing on, you will see that this bike sold on April 11 for only $15000 USD. What a terrific bike and what a great buy! And, no, thanks to the Australian peso, the GST (Government Standard Theft) and the fact that I have no money, I am not the lucky buyer. Woe is me...
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