Wanted - Front Campagnolo 4 hole

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Wanted - Front Campagnolo 4 hole

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Evening All,

I'm looking at buying an early second series MHR that sadly has a pair of mis-matched wheels. Currently she has a four hole FPS on the front and 4 hole Campagnolo on the rear.

I'd like to put it back to original if I buy it and so am guessing that it is so early it would likely have had the Campagnolos from stock. Plus I deduce that there has been a front end impact hence a 4 hole FPS there.

I know that later of the second series had FPS as stock wheels, but I'm deducing that this should have had Campagnolos.

So, has anyone got a good front 4 hole Campagnolo - I'm happy for one that needs re-finishing as I will do the pair to match, but one that has been crack tested/X-rayed would be my preference to know I have a safe wheel to ride on.

I'd happily consider buying the wheel - or swapping the front 4 hole FPS that I would have spare if that were of interest.

Of course, always assuming that I am able to conclude the deal and buy the bike.


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