How old are you Poll .

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How old are you

Below 30
31 to 40
41 to 50
51 to 60
61 and above
Total votes: 89

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How old are you Poll .

Post by MartinMille BANNED »

Hi Everyone

Today I spoke to someone that also rides Ducati's but not Bevels , after a while he came to the conclusion that only old farts (now) , back then when they couldn't afford them are still riding them today

I disagreed with him of cause as any Bevel own would have

Lets see what ages we come up with
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Post by abmartin »

I've been riding bevel twins since 1978 when I bought an 860GT. I've had my SS since 1984 so I've never really given them up.

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Post by Grover »

Well i just voted, looks like im in the highest percentage bracket!!!!....mmmm now doe sthat make me old?.....NO!!!!
The older we get, the more toys we collect!!!
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Post by wdietz186 »

Bought my 75 750 GT in late 75.Added five more since[bevels and belts]
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Post by blacksmith »

my first duke in 80,loved em ever since (as well as other bikes of course)two more bevels,1 belt,3 pullrods,my sr yam 500 special stands proud in the mob
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Post by MartinMille BANNED »

Surely this forum has more than 31 members come on guys cast you vote no one can see who you are

Cheers Marty
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Post by Bullet »

Sorry, I'm over 50 ...
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Post by nottonight68 »

Dog years-350
Drinking years-- 1866
Ducati years-35
Debt years--ever
so much time--so little to say
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Post by ducadini »

Bought my first Duc when i was 21 : a 500 Desmo.
Worked hard to buy it and even harder to keep it going :-D
Since then always 1 or 2 ready.
Now that I can't remember what I did on my 50th birthday, still riding them hard (albeit a bit more carefull : Grande fratello is watching).
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age related

Post by Lumpy »

I`m 49 and when I voted it moved my age group up to 50%...........spooky hey??? I did`nt think so either.........
Hey I`d have one `O` them new fandangled Ducati`s tomorrow but what do you fiddle with and adjust and tune and improvise and improve on them when in the shed. My daughter always says "why don`t you get a motor bike you don`t have to work on Daddy". I always turn to her and open my mouth to answer but then pause and reply "if you don`t know you`ll never understand sweetheart". She seems content with that and so am I.
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Post by cafe*racer »

Wish I could be the first to respond in the under 30 group...hey I bought my 750 when I was 28. Guess that doesn't count.
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Post by DaleMclean »

Hmmm seems to be a distinct large grouping. IF I waited another 2 months I could have boosted the 50 and up's :-D .

Had the '78 Darmah since '87, a 500 parrallel before that too.

Fell in love in '74 with the sound of an SS, it used go past every morning while I was waiting for the school bus :P
I survived :-)
Peter Mille
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Post by Peter Mille »

I bought my Mille MHR new in 1985 when I was 25 years of age.....!!
Now I'm 50 and the Mille is.....25 !!!!
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Post by skidstar »

I think you should have a 45-55 age group,I reckon that will change the stats dramatically.I'm 42 and my mates think I live in la la vintage land,and given that the 80's are now 30 years ago,well they'd be correct!!
Old farts indeed.(not me of corsa,I'm only 42.)
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Post by sevicke »

brought mine when 22 had it 22 years reakoned it saved my life hardly ever went and i road like a fool when the motor was sitting in a box i couldnt crash it what a great machine. Its the bike of my generation so thats why i like em shes got history my history I pranged got chased by cops went on rallies, had nice girlies on it whata machine and when it wasnt going it was saving my life. still goes best it ever has.
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