Chromed metal strip on SS single seat

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Oz Duck
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Chromed metal strip on SS single seat

Post by Oz Duck »

I am in the process of making a single seat for my 1981 900SS which only had the dual seat when i bought it last year.

I am in need of the chromed metal strip that holds the zip to the seat assembly. I have found a couple of sites that have them for sale but they are asking way too much folding stuff for what is essentially a thin piece of sheet metal.

I would be grateful if some kind soul could provide me with the dimensions of this part so that I can fabricate it myself.

The dimensions I would like are the width, thickness (if possible) and distance from ends of the screw holes. Also, are the holes countersunk?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by mb »

hi there
i got an original one. if u still need teh measurements let me konow. the hole are counters., but pressed little to the back.
regards mike

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