FAQ - Seat Trim Screw Source

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FAQ - Seat Trim Screw Source

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Seat Trim Screws

From: Steve Steinbrink <[email protected]>

The exact screws with thin flat rectangular heads are a BMW motorcycle item part #52531231319 and can be purchased from dealers. I just got a package of 10 from a dealer in Houston for $10.00 including shipping and handling. They were used on the /5 series for seat trim (also the same as Ducati seat trim) and possibly others as well.
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seat trims screws - add'l info

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you forgot to mention those BMW /5 seat trim screws are perfect for the alloy 750 GT saddle trim strips ... but THEY ARE NOT right for the chrome trim strip (flat) on SS saddles.

Also, the BMW screws are quite long and need to be cut down after the seat is assembled and BEFORE trying it on bike!! If left too long they will scratch the hell out of your freshly painted frame.

Ask me how I know.

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