1978 Darmah paint and decals

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1978 Darmah paint and decals


Just got a Darmah and am wonder a few things about the gold stripe and the white lettering on her.

i see that this site can provide me the "900 sd, tiger", "ducati", and "darmah", but what about the gold tripple stripe that runs the length of the bke.

also... is it a bad idea (will it hurt value or show qual.) to replace the 900, tiger, or darmah stickers with these replacements.

This bike is completely stock besides missing a mirror, and having a broken brake lever perch, and if repainting or replacing decals is going to hurt her i don't want to do it.

thanx, Matt

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for the paint, you just need to ask yourself if it is bad or if it can be polished to look nice - An original factory painted bike, even though it might have a couple scratches etc will always be better than a new paint job. The proof is in the $ original bikes are pulling compared to repaints. The stickers I stock are very good reproductions made by an enthusiast who only makes bike stickers, you can clear coat over the top etc. The stripes are painted on.
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