Restoration: '79 750SS - stock seat/tank or race kit?

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Restoration: '79 750SS - stock seat/tank or race kit?

Post by hulagun »

Bringing a 1979 750SS back from a foray into 80's bad taste... the DPO (dreaded previous owner) painted it gaudily... it looks like it crashed through a Taco Loco.

This bike is one of only 30 made, so I feel it should be restored somewhat "correctly" in order to maximize it's value as well as better represent it's designer's true intent. So it's at minimum getting painted back to the original silver with blue trim.

My sense of aesthetics is more :twisted: Monster Garage than 8) Concours D"Elegance tho'... so before I eff this rare bike all up, I thought I'd do some research here on what other Bevel nuts would say.

Should I restore this to "original" kit with small steel tank and long dual saddle... or in race kit, with short saddle and long fiberglass tank? I lean towards the latter, but only because I prefer the look (and the parts are more available). Still, so many of these bikes got race kits, it is rarer to see an original stock bike.

Tough call - since both options are attractive. Which do you prefer?
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Hi Ivan,

If you plan to hold onto the bike for a while, why not set it up the way you'd like it (race tank and saddle) and just keep your eye out for an
original steel tank and long saddle that you can prepare and store
until the time comes to sell her?

Life is hard when we have these kind of decisions to make!



SS Resto.



If you put on a steel tank and dual seat you'll go straight to HELL, I'm telling you. UGLY, UGLY, UGLY etc.


TONY - leaking fiberglass all the way.

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Post by manitoufs »

Hey Ivan -
Could ya post some jpg's?
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