Fairings/windscreen sources

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Fairings/windscreen sources

Post by DanaL »

Hey all,

Since Syd's cycles seems to be an unknown at this point I am left looking for a good source for a fairing to fit on my Darmah project. Any suggestions?
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Re: Fairings/windscreen sources

Post by baddean »

You could try here for the fairing
and here for the wind screen.
https://bikescreen.com/pages/search-res ... e?q=ducati
I have products from both and have been pleased with them.
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Re: Fairings/windscreen sources

Post by Kilmer »

most of the fairings out there are “basic” 900 SS fairings. I am in the process of rebuilding my own Darmah after a fire and found this fairing, which i belive to be more true to the original Darmah.

https://ducati-gowanloch.com/shop/bodyw ... d-fairing/

It has two main differences from the SS one. First of all the bottom section of the fairing just above the front fender is not cut out.. which it is on the ss. Second its sides are wider and has a different “line” then that of the SS.

if the difference of the two is of no importance, I have 1 new and unused 900 SS fairing lying around and 1 900SS fairing used in Darmah colors..

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