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I am wondering a few things.

Is the blue on the blue (and silver) GTS860 (the darker of the two blues they came out in) and the blue on the blue and silver '75 SS900 the same blue?

What is the actual name/number of the blue/blues used for those two models?

I am painting a GTS tank for my faithful old Spagheti Jet and want to make it back to the stock standard blue it was when new. I'm also making a '75 SS900 replica out of a '75 GT frame and various other bits and peices and really want to go as close as I can to stock (apart from the obvious differences between the frames, gearchanges, etc).

I'm also wondering about the silver on both models but there seems to be quite a few paint types named about that.

Is the silver on the GTS stripes, the SS frame, and the general SS bodywork the same?

Is the frame and tank silver on the SS the same?

Wondering, wondering. Any help, advice appreciated.

ps, just got my '81 SD900 fired up and tuned after not running for over 10 years and a recent frame up rebuild. My first set of desmo heads I did with no help. NO big bangs or clatters on start up. VERY happy, my nerves can go back to normal state of only slightly swollen and damgaed now instead of singing the " will there be an expensive bang" song.
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