multiple 900ss tank issues

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multiple 900ss tank issues

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Hi Everybody, there's 30cm of snow outside so I'm in the garage...
My '75 900ss has it's original glass-fibre tank, recently beautifully re-painted etc. I've just spent the last several days acting out my dentist/gynae fantasies trying to clean up, repair and re-coat the inside of the tank through the filler hole to ward off the evil ethanol. The original coating went on well but cracked and lifted on the tank tunnel after a few months. I think the re-coat has been succesfull but the whole ethanol PITA has me looking for an alloy tank for actual riding, saving the original for showing off!
I've looked at Steve's Evan Wilcox tanks, Japanese "Beater" and the Indian guys who will make anything out of sheet metal if you ask them nicely, all of them are halfway across the planet from me, and outside the E.U.with consequent huge shipping and import charges, and customs nonsense. I've finally found an Italian solution (perhaps) which feels right to me and is located just up the road from where the bike will be based in Italy. I would have loved to go the Steve/Evan Wilcox route but the cost/distance/customs thing is hard to overcome for Europeans. I'll let you know how I get on, so far comms have been very good and my original tank is on its way as a pattern.
Finally a question, my tank (I think) always had the rear fixing 'buttons' on the inside, certainly was that way when I stripped it down for the resto, but all the pictures of 900ss tanks show them on the outside. This makes it much easier to loop the o ring, but is not so elegant, anybody know how thwy came out of the factory?
tank after paint small.JPG
tank.cracked liner small.JPG
tank underside original strip down, small.JPG
'75 900 SS
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Re: multiple 900ss tank issues

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If you used Caswell for the re coat you shouldn't have any problems. Sorry, I can't tell you anything about the mounting buttons other than my steel tank SS ['77] has them on the outside.Maybe the Imola tanks were a bit longer and they put the mounts inside to be in the same position as the other tanks?

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