'75 900ss screen trim question

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Re: '75 900ss screen trim question

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The 75 had no trim on the screen . Your bike looks amazing well done . The fuel line should go under not over on the front carb and the forks have a sticker only on the left leg .
The 76 had no trim either I know the 78 had trim not too sure on the 77 .

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Re: '75 900ss screen trim question

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Thanks for the compliment and pointing out a few details. I re-routed the front carb. fuel line when I used to ride the bike all day, and every day, a couple of decades ago! It made it much easier to drain the front float bowl, a very regular task when it was raining, so it was a conscious decision to keep it that way. In the same vein I made up a rose-jointed gear change link rod years ago and put it back on because it reduces the slop to acceptable (just) levels, I've still got the clevis pin original which i suppose I'll throw on if I ever need/want to show the bike. The Marzocchi sticker on the right leg is just a balls up, probably caused by the joy of finally getting the horrible, splattery 'Marzocchi black' finish about right. Thanks also for adding to the consensus that the '75 had no screen trim, a solution without a problem!

'75 900 SS
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Re: '75 900ss screen trim question

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Yesterday I've been to the TechnoClassica in Essen, ( www.siha.de click on Impressionen) the largest classic vehicle show in the world.
Every year there is someone with a huge collection trim: www.doepper-profile.de
If they don't have it, it is probably not for sale....!

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