1976 860 GTS fender stripe dimensions are here

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1976 860 GTS fender stripe dimensions are here

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This is my first post and it isn't a question, it is an answer.
I have recently come into ownership of a black 1976 860 GTS (the decal only model), some reading revealed that it left the factory in either orange or metallic blue.
Today I stripped the black paint off the front fender. Under that it was grey (primer), then metallic blue, but no stripe at the top.
Now the good bit - I kept sanding and under that blue was yellow, then red, then the original 1976 metallic blue with the painted silver stripe!

Dimensions of the middle stripe are 16.1mm, the blue space is 2.2mm and the outer stripes are 2.7mm.

Under the metallic blue was silver paint, then a cream primer, then bare metal. The blue was very thin so I sanded through it in a few spots.

I hope this helps someone else doing a restoration job.

I will try to match colours with some local auto paints to revert it back to blue. It will be trial and error until I get a close match.

I wonder what secrets are buried in the tank's paint...



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