Restoring a 750 sport

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Restoring a 750 sport

Post by AussieDuc »

Hi Guys,

I am loking at buying a pretty original but tired 1974 750 sport. As Im not looking at doing the resto myself and would have to give it to a shop to do the work.

Question - What am I looking at 'ball park'. Remember the bike is in good running original condition.

I am in Australia if that is relevant.


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Re: Restoring a 750 sport

Post by morini »


Way too much if you go to a typical Ducati shop. Some of them will slug you $10,000 just for an engine rebuild. I've heard figures as high as $20,000 for a complete bike. That's fine if money is no object.
If I was you I'd contact the DOC of NSW and talk to some one in the club. They'll be able to point you in the right direction in regards to who's the go for electrical, paint work etc. As for the engine there is only one place and that's Ron Young Engineering up near Maitland. He already does a lot of the big name bevel Ducati shops engine work for them. As for parts contact Ian Gowanloch down at Adelong.

It's not that hard a job if you manage it properly. Face it any bike shop you send your bike to is going to sub contract all the jobs out. That's what business does. If you don't want to do it PM me. I'm about to do mine up as well so maybe I can help.


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Re: Restoring a 750 sport

Post by Macdesmo »

If you can send some photos and info to [email protected] I can give you an idea of what you will possibly need to pay. I have done up 12 Italian bikes and have a fair idea what costs are.

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