How to: Darmah special...

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How to: Darmah special...

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I dream of an SS, and I think the SSD is one of Ducatis all time beauty's. Both of these bikes have eluded me so far. Well i seems another SD Darmah will be finding its way to my house if all goes well with the sale.This one will be a 78.
I have a 79 Darmah already, along side my 78 900GTS. So, I think I would like to make an SSD clone. Everything I do I want to be able to turn back. So the bike will remain black and gold. I am thinking fairing, clip ons, and rear sets. I will need brackets for the fairing, gauges and headlight?
What I want to know is who has done it, where did you get parts, what works and what doesn't? Do I have to shorten cables and wires? Thanks all, Mike
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