Powder Coating Campag Rims

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Powder Coating Campag Rims

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Has anyone powder coated Campagnolio wheels. I was a recent laverda show under Story Bridge Brisbane and saw a powder coated Ductati rim at a stand. They Sand Blast ( Zircon ) rims to make them smooth and then Powder coat them . I am a bit concerned at the tempreature at which they bake them at 220 degrees c does this affect the magnesium in the rim ? It looks sharp but will it effect the structure of the rim, Can anyone advise me please.

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I recall reading in one of Carroll Smith's books a recommendation by Bill Jongbloed that magnesium wheels not be powdercoated because the temperatures employed in baking the coating was high enough to affect the heat treating of the magnesium. Although temperatures in the initial heat are much higher than those used in baking powder coatings, the second heat is at much lower temperatures approaching those used for powdercoating.

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I drove powdercoated Campagnolo's for about 10 years, no problems at all.
A few years ago,I changed to new aluminum Oscams, because the Campagnolo's were about 30 years old, I didn't trust them anymore.

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Re: Powder Coating Campag Rims

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I had my Campags looked after by Steve Turner ex of Dymag. He deals with a whole range of things from bike parts through to F1 car parts.

He blasted and then dyed and crack tested the Campags, passed them perfect and then powder coated them gold - they look stunning.

Thoroughly recommened bloke in the UK and reasonably priced too.

When I went to collect them he had three other sets of Campags in being done too....so has built himself a reputation too.

I'm going to ride on mine..........

Stuart :Uwin:

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