Painting Chrome Tank- 350 SCR

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Painting Chrome Tank- 350 SCR

Post by dlearl476 »

In a fit of misguided enthusiasm, I stipped all the paint off the gas tank on my 350 SCR, instead of leaving it for a base coat. Now, all the experts I've consulted tell me there's no way to paint chrome successfully. Obviously the factory did a pretty good job of it, the tank was pretty hard to strip.
Any suggestions? I'm beginning to think my only option might be having the whole tank polished and re-chromed but given that I'm doing chrome fenders on a red frame, it might look too "English" to chrome the tank as well.

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painting chrome

Post by ryno750 »

dlearl476. is the tank chromed and in good cond??? i,m a spraypainter i have done a lot of british bikes and had no problems. is the tank thats to be painted have chrome panels and some paint?? i normaly take a pattern of the chrome panels before i strip the paint or get it rechromed. then with fine line tape{plastic type tape} mask off the area to stay chromed. then with say 180# or 240# scuff up the chrome and then spray a good etch primer house of kolour has a good adhesion promoter which you can paint over with acyrlic or 2 pack paints then prime and paint the promoter is clear.

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Painting on chrome

Post by Craig in France »

Hi dlearl476

Ryno750's advice is good. I had no problem getting my 450 Scrambler's chrome tank re-painted, here in the UK.

I think you need to find another painter - someone used to period British Iron would be good.


Craig in UK

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