Factory bitsa?

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Factory bitsa?

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Hi all :-D
I have a basket and narrowcase 250, sold to me as a Daytona but most likely a mix of bits as it was first registered (in UK) in 1968, have got pre 65 hubs with borrani rims, Mach 1 sidecovers and what looks to me as quite early eng. no (DM250 82028). The previous owner told me when the paint was stripped, the bottom layer of paint for the frame was gold, the swing arm blue and the engine mountings red. He suggests the bike is possibly a factory bitsa to use up old stock.
I believe the gold frame indicates an Elite frame. I`m not to worried as a enjoy working on it anyway, but I am curious to know:
Was there ever made such things as "factory bitsas" to use up old stock?

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