MHR/S2 900 with dry clutch

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MHR/S2 900 with dry clutch

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Hello bevel drivers!

I´m from Germany and have a question to the specialists! I have a frame of a late 900 S2. I know it exactly because the holder for the side cover fits only the parts from the S2 not the MHR. The number of the frame has the R1 identification. The engine is a late MHR 900 with a crankshaft with(floating bearing- I hope it is the correct word!?). Now the question: Does anyone of you know how many engine of this type were ever build. I know only from some of the 900 MHR. Does there exist also some original 900 S2 with this engine with dry clutch?

Thanks for helping me and best reganrds from germany!


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As far as I know ALL 900 had the roller/ball bearing cranckshaft, only the Mille has a plainbearing crankshaft, but some of the latest 900 had the dry clutch indeed.

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Hi Gernot
the very late 900 s had dry clutch and 86 mm nicasil cilinders


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