Ignition switch

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Ignition switch

Post by andygbsmith »

Just completing the MHR rebuild but my ignition switch wire colours don,t tie up to any manuals I can find
I have red,yellow,brown and grey
Anyone know the switch position?

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Re: Ignition switch

Post by Craig in France »

Quick - but slightly chancy :) - answer
Red to point 2 on the ignition switch, Andy ...

Grey to point 4.

That's leaves you only the yellow and the brown. One of them to go to point 3, one to point 1. So you can't go that wrong ... :-D

Seeing as the factory loom had a yellow and black going to point 3, that's where I'd put your yellow. Now do a check, using a meter at the 12-pin connector block. If it's right, you'll have a circuit between the yellow and the grey, with the switch in the 'On' position.

Leaving you to put your brown on point 1. Check. You should now have a circuit between the red and the brown. It's this point/wire that livens everything up, btw :Uwin:

Longer - and more correct :) - answer
Ignore the colours.

Go to the 12-pin connector block and see which wire is coming out of which pin. The pins are numbered starting from the top left, like this:

The wire from Pin 10 goes to point 1
Pin 11 goes to point 2
Pin 2 goes to point 3
Pin 12 goes to point 4.




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Re: Ignition switch

Post by Vince »

Don't know about Bevels but I have been wading through this on my Pantah.The original switch leaked power even when off and would cut power with a wiggle so I get a replacement.The original 3 position switch was Acc,Off,Power.With power selected it killed the juice to the Acc pin.The new switch keeps the Acc pin powered up so with power selected and before starting I have the dash lights and parker light and tail light lit and on permanently.Nobody has the original Pantah switch that kills the Acc pin with Ignition on.I pulled my old switch to bits and cleaned it up but haven't tried it yet.So be prepared for maybe a crap shoot if its not exactly configured the same internaly.

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