MHR 900 (1984) Sump Screen

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MHR 900 (1984) Sump Screen

Post by Kjeld »

My MHR 900, 1984, with spin on oil filter and electric start, is fittet with a
sump screen from a squarecase 860/900 (0759.49.800). But it does not
fit! The problem is, that the front end dosn't fit with the short steel tube
through which the oil returns to the sump. Do BevelHeaven have a solution?

Ciao Kjeld, Denmark.

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Post by desodero »

sorry to say you need a sump filter for a mille engine or you can modify the end of your squarecase filter to suit your engine,this is what i had to do as mille sump filters are not so easy to come by.
the engine in your bike is in a year when changes were taking place from wet clutch to dry clutch engines, a good reference to go to is ian falloons
900/860 bible,there is a lot of subtle changes over the last years of ducati
to modify your squarecase filter use your filters end o/d as your new i/d
and find someone who can machine up a bit of aluminium to suit and join
with the appropriate adhesive .

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