900S2 Identify and problem or two.

If you need technical information or help with your late dry clutch Ducati S2, MHR 900 or Mille engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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900S2 Identify and problem or two.

Post by JohanM » Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:52 pm


I took over my dads bike that stood in a garage for the past 6/7 years. Needed a lot of work, done the frame fairing and electrical but need info on the following:

1. Redone the frame and fairing, except spoiler in front of the engine. Does anybody have an idea where to find an original part?
2. Here are all the numbers I could find on the bike. I know there were 883 900 S2 electric starts, but what does these numbers mean, no numbers is the same? Any idea on the number of the bike ???/883.
Frame: DM 860SS 092143
DGM 13715 OM
Engine: 907399
Tag: 0759.88.130
3. The bike was parked in a garage for at least 6 years. Redone the electrical circuit with a new wire harness, all electrics work but the motor struggles to turn over, as if not enough power from the battery. Any ideas?? The battery is an 18Ah, 12 V - biggest I could fit in and is also the same as the S2 spare parts list. Any ideas what can be done to improve the start of the bike, as it's been a problem before?

900 S2 1983

Peter Mille
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Post by Peter Mille » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:26 am


An original front spoiler is going to be difficult, try Ebay.

Your frame # is 092143 and engine # is 907399.
They usually don't match.

As for the battery, try a "gel" battery, f.i. from Varta
they have much more cold cranking power than normal battery's.
www.varta.com look at dimensions and find the biggest that will fit.
Cold cranking power is the second digit on the battery, f.i 18Ah 200Ah.

Per Garbos
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Post by Per Garbos » Thu Jan 01, 2009 1:02 pm

Hi Johan,
I guess, your S2 is from production end of year 1982 and sold as a 83 model, just like the S2 i have.
The first 900 S2 had frame number around 091800 (kickstart and electric)

The numbers are, as far as i can see, right, but there was no belly pan (front spoiler) as standard on those models. It came later -year 84 (red frame and black tank and fairing)

If it is the small spoiler sitting on the fairing, you are talking about, it should be possible to find one from a Pantah.

As already mention, a gel battery will be much better.

Best regards Per

Cucciolo - the Lil Pup
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Thanks Peter and Per

Post by JohanM » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:50 pm

Yes, the spoiler I was referring too is the small spoiler on the fairing. Some other way that was lost, go figure???

I will search the net a bit to find a spoiler, Pantah or S2. Any idea where to find replicas?

900 S2 1983

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